Rhode Island Qualification Practice Time and Test

When you submit your application for the Rhode Island Conceal Carry Permit you need to provide proof that you have been qualified with a pistol or revolver of a caliber equal to or larger than what you intend to carry. The qualification is 30 consecutive shots at the Army 'L' bullseye target. The course of fire is "slow" fire shall allowing ten (10) minutes for the firing of each of three (3) ten (10) shot strings. The target is set at a distance of twenty five (25) yards and you must obtain a score 195 or better out of a possible 300 points. See the Rhode Island Statutes 11-47-15 and 11-47-16.

If you have participated in a Basic Pistol course and/or have experience safely handling and shooting handguns the test shouldn't be that much of a challenge. However, if you are inexperienced I can offer you training time that will help you to understand the challenge of the test.

This training session will include:

  • firearms safety rules and procedures
  • fundamentals of shooting a handgun
  • shooting skills building exercises on the range
  • practice session on the range following the requirements of the Rhode Island Qualification test

Additionally, as part of this training, I can administer the Rhode Island Qualification Test and sign off on your application permit. When administering the Qualification Test in an official capacity, I assume the role of Examiner and not a Instructor so, I will not offer advice or help you pass the qualification.

The cost is $100.00 for a two (2) hour session. If you have taken the Basic Pistol Course (LTC-002) from me then the cost would be only $50.00 . If you want me to just administer the qualification test, the cost is $60.00. If you have taken the Basic Pistol Course (LTC-002) from me then the cost for the test would be only $15.00.

I supply targets, eye and hearing protection and you supply your carry firearm. I can supply .22 caliber and either a .38 caliber revolver, 9 mm or .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and practice or qualification ammunition at an additional cost. You must have a valid Massachusetts LTC A or B to participate in this training.

If you'd like to schedule a training session then use the Contact link to register. Choose from a list of dates and times on the Contact page and I'll contact you to verify the date and time.

If you want a class to meet firearms safety training requirement for obtaining a Massachusetts firearms license (LTC or FID), then see NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course (LTC-002) or NRA Home Firearms Safety Course (LTC-007).

Training Overview